Mussels recipe


Local mussels recipe

Head Chef, Shayne Wood, shares his recipe for local mussels cider, smoked bacon and tarragon with us.


1 kg mussels
500 ml good quality cider
6 smoked bacon slices
¼ bunch of tarragon
200ml double cream


1. Clean all the mussels by removing beards and barnacles in cold water with a blunt knife. Any mussels that are open and won’t shut with a quick tap should be thrown away. Rinse the mussels and put to one side.
2. Grill the bacon and let it cool, then cut it into small slices (lardons).
3. Chop tarragon gently to avoid bruising, make sure to remove all stalks first.
4. Take a heavy bottomed sauce pan and put on a high heat, when the pan is very hot add mussels, cider, bacon and cream, put the lid back on very quickly to keep as much heat as possible in the pan.
5. After all the mussels have opened, this means they are ready and should not take longer than 3 mins, spoon them into a large bowl and garnish with tarragon.